6200 Chinese babies ill, 3 die from tainted milk

By | September 17, 2008

6200 Chinese babies ill 3 die from tainted milk


2 thoughts on “6200 Chinese babies ill, 3 die from tainted milk

  1. Patrick

    Hi, Xeno. Have you been following the recent articles linking plastics to several ailments?
    For several years now I’ve been telling my friends and students that I think plastic is the next asbestos. I think future generations are going to astounded that we ever ATE and DRANK out of the stuff.

  2. Xeno

    Yes, with interest, because in my Dry Eye Syndrome article from 2004 I had this blurb:

    The chemical bisphenol A or BPA is a xenoestrogen (hormone disrupter). BPA is one of the most commonly used plastic materials. It is found in all kinds of common products, mostly in polycarbonate plastics. Nearly all plastic baby bottles in the U.S., many common food containers, water storage bottles, aluminum can linings, and even some kinds of dental sealants. It is ubiquitous, one of the top 50 chemicals in production. According to the Los Angeles Times, two billion pounds of Bisphenol A are used yearly and at least one study has linked it to severe birth defects. “Bisphenol A can also act as an anti androgen blocking the action of dihydrotestosterone in a yeast screen containing a human androgen receptor (Sohoni and Sumpter, 1998). In this screen bisphenol a was approximately as potent as flutamide, a well known anti-androgenic chemical.”

    So, I think you may be right, at least for some kinds of plastics. Years ago a professor told me he had proof that rats drinking from plastic bottles had lower sperm counts. Scientific studies which show common products have adverse health effects are less popular now that Universities are funded in large part by Industry.

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