60 million years ago, the Earth had 2 moons, according to Dan Bern, Billy and the aliens

By | May 4, 2008

60 million years ago the Earth had 2 moons according to Dan Bern Billy and the aliensThis is by far the most interesting video of blurry photos I’ve seen all morning. Highlights: A race of people lived on mars 186,000 years back 40 million people were killed on Mars. Step right up and see the dinosaur Billy saw during his trip backward in time with the aliens.

Neither one of the two moon which used to orbit the Earth is still with us. The moon in orbit around Earth now has only been there about 5 million years, according to the aliens.

I heard the idea first from singer/songwriter Dan Bern in his song Kababa.
Dan Bern live here, here… ) Try the free VideoLAN software for listening to FLAC files on this site.

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