52 Cows Killed by One Lightning Strike? Aliens involved?

By | October 25, 2008

UFO researchers talk about cattle mutilations, which are a real unexplained phenomena. Folklore fingers aliens, chupacabras, or secret military experiments sampling to determine radiation damage.  What they actually find, are dead animals (usually cows) with parts removed with surgical precision. A few years ago, while I was investigating UFOs near Mt. Shasta, I came across some park rangers guarding a cow that had been “struck by lightning” near Mt. Shasta. What I saw as a hole the size of two fists in the dead cow that looked like it had been cut out with a laser scalpel. In the odd news today: 52 cows were killed by one lightning strike on a ranch in Valdez Chico village near San Jose, Uruguay:

This UFO video by Martin Pozzi, a 24 year old 3D CG Artist was filmed in Montevideo, Uruguay, on October 22 2008, just a few days before this mass cattle death.

Awesome, isn’t it? Pozzi writes:

Hello all. Im the creator of this video. … I admit is a fraud…. UFO is created and animated in 3D Studio max as the particule flows of clouds and heavy rain. 2D Composition and Light editions were made in After Effects. Some of the sounds are fake edited and mastered in Sound Forge. The minusious compression is made with Sorenson 3 and On2 Flix Pro. Im sorry for dissapointing … ..thanks for watching!

But there are many other odd sightings in Uruguay. There was the light beam sighting three years ago that made a rumbling sound, for example. Cattle mutilations had spread to Uruguay by at least 2002.

Aliens or not, this thing with cows being killed near an electric fence in October has happened before. Here is a photo from October 4, 2004:

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