5 Weirdest Cars On The Internet

By | May 25, 2008

Here is a great post from fellow WordPress Blogger Andy Biggins.

Cars are awesome. Since its invention, tons and tons of upgrades have sprung up, like a means to burn fuel much more efficiently, made them thrice as fast, and made them sexy beasts from their original clunky form.

There are outrageous cars, and OUTRAGEOUS cars. The former being the frivolous luxuries that have been added to the basic car form, and the latter being silly ideas built into car form. What’s more interesting to note is, if you know how to build a car, you can build your own dream car, however silly or funny anyone else thinks it is.

Here are 5 of the funniest/silliest/most outrageous cars I’ve seen on tv and the internet. (Take note, I’m not sure about the legality of these cars — it IS illegal to drive bumper cars or go-karts on the road, I think.)

The “Home” Car – I mean, come on! There are RVs and trailers — why build a house on a poor chassis? I’m pretty sure it’ll have loads of amenities inside to make it feel more like home, right? How would this go about then? Sleep on a bed inside, then wake up to drive elsewhere? Truly a mobile home, a similar car has appeared in the series Arrested Development, when George Sr. tried to get away with the “cabin car.”

The Stilletto – I see some batmobile in there, plus something from Star Wars … in all the wrong colors. Built from a 1960s Corvair, it really jumps far from the source material. If you look at it closely … and imagine it in black … it kinda reminds you of the motorcycle in the new Batman movie. Hmmm…

Judge Dredd Land Rover – Think about it, Land Rovers are pretty much monsters nowadays so what of the fictional future where Judge Dredd resides in? It combines the looks of a tank, an armored car and, well, the tires of a land rover. Made specifically for the movie, one is in display in the Rover Heritage museum in England.

The 2001 Chevrolet Camaro Police Car – It’s notweird or anything, but this sports car is the fastest pursuit car in terms of law enforcement. Plus, it’s only sold to police units. The silly thig is, the car looks above average when compared to normal street cars, but consider what police cars go through — they get shot at.

–Finally, my favorite—

The Couch Car! – I mean, come on! We have race car beds — but do they actually go anywhere? Think about having your own couch car, with a steering wheel mounted on the desk, stacked with your favorite snacks and beverages — then you literally park in front of the television. That’d be amazing. This car has caught the attention of the local media and has been featured in the Daily News … driving ‘round Times Square.

Those, to me, are the weirdest, silliest cars yet — any of you guys know any more funnier cars? (Yeah the batmobile doesn’t count, since it’d fill up this list quickly!)

– thebiglife

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