3 Guantanamo detainees released to Albania

By | November 19, 2006

3 Guantanamo detainees released to Albania

Men are last of 38 recently determined to no longer be ?enemy combatants?

Three detainees held at the Guantanamo Bay prison for terrorism suspects have been released to Albania, after authorities determined they were no longer “enemy combatants,” officials said Friday.

The State Department announced that the Albanian government agreed to accept an Algerian national, an Egyptian national and an ethnic Uzbek who was born in the former Soviet Union. Their names were not released.

“The United States has done the utmost to ensure that these three detainees will be treated humanely upon release,” the Pentagon said in a separate announcement of their release. “Our key objective has been to resettle these detainees in an environment that will permit them to rebuild their lives. Albania will provide this opportunity.”

…There are still about 430 detainees at Guantanamo Bay, the Pentagon said. Some have been held since the detention center opened in January 2002.

According to the Pentagon’s count, since 2002 approximately 345 detainees have left Guantanamo for other countries… – msnbc

This pisses me off so much. Our own govt. with this release is admitting that innocent people are being held for years. They are also being tortured. We must Impeach Bush and everyone else responsible and get back to proper American justice: Capture suspected criminals, bring charges, have a speedy trial, present the evidence, sentence them, and carry out the sentence. Release the innocent people right away. Our constitution requires this and there is nothing ‘weak on terrorists’ about it. This is Guantanamo:

“When they wanted to take one of us, they would order us to lie on our stomachs on the floor, and then they would tie our hands behind our backs. When it was my turn, two soldiers took me. I was barefoot and they beat me before I met the investigator. They banged my head against the metal building and made me walk on the barbed wire. They raised my hands from behind my back so high that my shoulders were almost dislocated. When I entered the investigation tent, I found that there were two Americans among the investigators, one of whom was white and the other was black. I said to them, “why are you torturing me and you haven’t even started questioning me? What do you want from me? Give me a piece of paper and I will sign anything you want”. He said to me, “there is no torture here and there are no beatings”.

… They went to a detainee and put his head in the toilet. The toilets in Camp Delta are iron, Turkish-style toilets and then they flushed his head down the toilet until he almost died. They went to a detainee and started beating his head against the toilet rim until he lost consciousness and he could not see for more than 10 hours.

…I would thus like to point out that NOT all of the soldiers in Guant?namo tortured and oppressed us. There were some soldiers who treated us humanely, some of them would cry because of what was happening to us and were embarrassed by the style of management at the camp and even by the American government, their lack of justice and oppression of us. ” – truthout

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