UFO crash in Siberia?

By | December 4, 2006

UFO crash in Siberia

An unidentified flying object has crashed in Krasnoyarsk Region, Siberia, causing a forest fire, the RIA-Novosti news agency reported on Friday.

The crash took place in the taiga between the towns of Yeniseisk and Lesosibirsk, the agency said quoting the local Interior Ministry directorate. The crash was reported by local villagers and traces of forest fire can be seen on the site. Air traffic officials said that no aircraft were scheduled to fly in the region at the time of the crash and no air vessels were missing.

A group formed of police investigators, representatives of the Transport Prosecutors Service and representatives of the aircraft safety watchdog Rosavianadzor has started to the site of the crash from Krasnoyarsk. Local Emergencies Directorate has sent a helicopter to the site. – mosnews (annoying buzz ad warning)

Fires seem common in this area … Does this mean there are many UFOs crashing? Click image for a large view of fires in the Krasnoyarsk Region in 2002.

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