18,000 lb. Mayan Temple is the World's Largest Chocolate Sculpture!

By | May 17, 2012

http://xenophilia.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Qzina-Chocolate-Sculpture5.jpgThe chocolate building team was lead by Chef Francois Mellet and Stephane Treand, who added their pastry expertise to the construction of the oversized treat. The giant chocolate building is in the shape of the traditional Mayan temple, the ziggurat, which can be recognized by its ancient stair-stepped pyramid shape.

The 18,239 pounds of molten chocolate was slowly poured into each level of the pyramid. The base is 10 x 10 square feet, with each of the ascending ten levels being just a little smaller than the previous. The top is capped with a rectangular temple, which brings the entire structure to six feet tall.

Along the edges, Mellet and his team carefully carved rows of tiny steps along with tiny temple climbers and guards, also made from chocolate. The top of the temple is even decorated with a tiny chocolate Mayan sculpture, set behind chocolate pillars.

The record-breaking sculpture will be on display at the Qzina Institute of Chocolate and Pastry in Irvine, California from June 4th until the end of the Mayan calendar – December 21, 2012 – after which, we hope it will be eaten.

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ITo celebrate our 30thanniversary, Qzina Specialty Foods, has broken a Guinness World Record for building the largest chocolate sculpture. The sculpture models an ancient Mayan temple and weighs 18,239 pounds, far surpassing the previous record set in Italy in 2010 by more than 7,500 pounds.

Qzina chose the Mayan theme because of the crucial role the culture played in the origins of chocolate.  The Mayans were one of the first civilizations to cultivate Cacao trees and discover the true potential of the cocoa bean. Realizing the delicious possibilities of this powerful discovery, the Mayans worshipped the Cacao tree and praised its beans as the food of the Gods.

Qzina’s Corporate Pastry Chef, Francois Mellet, was the lead architect on this massive project and MOF Stephane Treand (Meilleur Ouvrier de France or Best Craftsman in France) lent his artistic touch to the sculpture’s intricate design elements. Mellet, together with his team, spent more than 400 hours constructing this magnificent structure of solid chocolate that was created using an assortment of Qzina’s leading chocolate brands.

“Breaking a Guinness World Record for building the largest chocolate sculpture will be Qzina’s greatest masterpiece yet,” said Richard Foley, founder and CEO of Qzina. “We studied Mayan pyramids at great lengths to create an exact replica of the Temple Kukulkan 
at Chichen Itza to honor the original chocolatiers.It was important for us to create something memorable in celebration of our 30th anniversary and the grand opening of the Qzina Institute of Chocolate & Pastry.” …

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