1,800-year-old bronze chariot unearthed

By | November 25, 2008

Bulgarian archaeologistsArchaeologists have unearthed a well-preserved 1,800-year-old bronze chariot at an ancient Thracian tomb in southeastern Bulgaria. … “The lavishly ornamented four-wheel chariot dates back to the end of the second century A.D.,” Veselin Ignatov told The Associated Press in a telephone interview from the site, near the southeastern village of Karanovo. He said it was found in a funerary mound that archaeologists believe was the grave of a wealthy Thracian aristocrat, as he was buried with his belongings.

Along with the chariot, which was decorated with scenes from mythology, the team unearthed well-preserved wooden and leather objects, some of which the archaeologists believe were horse harnesses. In August, excavations at another ancient Thracian tomb in the same region revealed another four-wheel chariot.

About 10,000 Thracian mounds — some of them covering monumental stone tombs — are scattered across Bulgaria. The Thracians were an ancient people who inhabited the lands of present-day Bulgaria and parts of modern Greece, Turkey, Macedonia and Romania between 4,000 B.C. and the 6th century A.D., when they were assimilated by the invading Slavs. – msnbc

I’d like to see one restored.  I hope they recreate some of these ancient cars.

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