150 Students Disciplined, One Arrested After Breaking School Dress Code

By | September 27, 2008

150 Students Disciplined One Arrested After Breaking School Dress Code

Parents of students in an Orange County school will have to keep an extra close eye on what colors their children wear. A new dress code policy at Odyssey Middle School sparked suspensions and even an arrest.The new dress code was approved in April 2007 after a student advisory council reviewed it. A 7th grader’s mother said her daughter was one of 150 students sent to the cafeteria Wednesday.”I was upset because it’s a constant thing with the kids, what they wear. They want them to tuck-in their shirts and we try to comply with the rules,” said parent Dolly Ortiz.Administrators handed disciplinary slips to kids who wore black, white or red.”I think it is absurd. I don’t get the rule,” said student Alexis Ortiz.The school district said the principal learned of a coordinated effort by some of the students to wear the same colors that are against the school’s dress code. Some of the students were suspended and one was arrested.Eighth-grader Alex Nunez said he didn’t know about the organized effort to protest the new policy. He was sent to detention because of his black shirt.”I missed my first period and half of my second period class just to be in there waiting to write me up,” said Nunez.Nunez’s father said that he understood why administrators were trying to protect students from possible gang activity. On the other hand, he believes students’ freedom of expression was being taken away.”I don’t want them to go back to school rebellious or worried about getting in trouble, because they’re not going to be focused on the books,” said parent Omaury Rodriguez.Teachers expect the dress code violations to continue meaning more students will be disciplined. – WFT

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