1 Year Old Child is “Pregnant”

By | November 25, 2008

1 Year Old Child is Pregnant

One year old child found pregnant in Saudi Arabia. Doctors says it’s a unique case for this world! Medical Science Report says : “When the mother of this child was pregnant, she had 2 fetuses inside her. But one of the fetus grew inside the other, this why this girl was born with the other fetus inside her womb.â€

Mya Says: It’s rare, but it’s not unique. It’s a rather bizarre situation known as “fetus in fetu.â€

Libby Says: No Mushy that is NOT what happens if you have sex while pregnant and your unborn baby is a girl. Biology lessons required methinks! It’s a shame there’s nothing in the article to indicate what the doctors’ are going to DO about it (if anything)…

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