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Rosetta probe makes asteroid pass

The Rosetta space probe has made a close pass of asteroid Steins. The European Space Agency mission flew past the 4.6km-wide rock at a distance of about 800km, taking pictures and recording other scientific data. The information will be sent back to Earth for processing and will be released to the public on Saturday. The… Read More »

The (very) secret history of Area 51

Image from AviationWeek, used without permission. No one on the ground or in Pakistan’s air defence spotted Area 51’s latest toy as it kept watch on Osama bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, on the night of the US raid that killed the Taliban leader. Rather than one of the UFOs that the wilder fringes… Read More »

Entangled Minds: Water crystal replication study

Radin, D., Lund, N., Emoto, M., Kizu, T. (2008). Effects of distant intention on water crystal formation: A triple-blind replication. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 22(4), 481-493. An experiment tested the hypothesis that water exposed to distant intentions affects the aesthetic rating of ice crystals formed from that water. Over three days, 1,900 people in Austria… Read More »

Sunken City: Kekova-Simena

The ancient Lycian city of Simena, often referred to as Kekova-Simena, once straddled the long and narrow island of Kekova in the Mediterranean Sea near the Turkish coastline. In the olden times, Simena was a small fishing village and was later an outpost of the Knights of Rhodes. Part of the city lies on the… Read More »

Killing Bigfoot OK in Texas — if he's Texan

Texas has no position on the existence of Bigfoot — but go on, hunt it anyway. John Lloyd Scharf, a Bigfoot fan from Oregon, emailed the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department last week about hunting unknown creatures. Chief of staff Lt. David. Sinclair told FoxNews.com he responded with a straight description of the law —… Read More »

Brain difference in psychopaths identified

Professor Declan Murphy and colleagues Dr Michael Craig and Dr Marco Catani from the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London have found differences in the brain which may provide a biological explanation for psychopathy. The results of their study are outlined in the paper ‘Altered connections on the road to psychopathy’, published in Molecular… Read More »

Ants More Rational Than Humans?

In a study released online on July 22 in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society: Biological Sciences, researchers at Arizona State University and Princeton University show that ants can accomplish a task more rationally than our — multimodal, egg-headed, tool-using, bipedal, opposing-thumbed — selves. … The authors’ insights arose from an examination of the… Read More »

Here come the Leonid Meteors!

This year’s Leonid meteor shower peaks on Tuesday, Nov. 17th. If forecasters are correct, the shower should produce a mild but pretty sprinkling of meteors over North America followed by a more intense outburst over Asia. The phase of the Moon will be new, setting the stage for what could be one of the best… Read More »

Priest ‘made £3m from fake exorcisms’

A senior priest in Florence is under investigation for fraud after allegedly amassing £3 million by performing fake exorcisms. Prosecutors said that Father Francesco Saverio Bazzoffi would “stage shows” at the House of the Sainted Archangels, an organisation he founded. During the events, which regularly attracted crowds of over 400 people, a number of associates… Read More »

FDA to throw sperm donor in jail?

FREMONT, Calif., Dec. 19 (UPI) — A California man who has been donating his sperm to women he meets on the Internet for free may face a $100,000 fine or a year in prison for his services. Trent Arsenault of Fremont has fathered 14 children since he began donating sperm in 2006, the San Francisco… Read More »

Feds will declassify Yahoo PRISM decision by September

The Justice Department says it will declassify a 2008 decision in which the country’s secret spy court rebuffed Yahoo’s attempt to challenge a controversial surveillance program. In a rare public filing with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance court (embedded below), the Justice Department says it will declassify the decision by September 12, and that it will… Read More »

Mountain Dew Will Dissolve Rats On Contact

Defending itself from a lawsuit claiming that an Illinois man found a dead mouse inside a can of Mountain Dew, PepsiCo contends that a rodent would have disintegrated and been transformed into a "jelly-like" substance between the time of the soft drink's bottling and the day the plaintiff reportedly purchased the soda from a vending… Read More »

A Primer on the Large Hadron Collider and Particle Physics

The New York Times’ DENNIS OVERBYE has this interesting primer on particle physics. For those whose physics knowledge was a bit rusty, the news about the Large Hadron Collider, the world’s biggest physics machine, might have been puzzling. … Yes, the collider finally crashed subatomic particles into one another last week, but why, exactly, is… Read More »