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Brain radiotherapy affects mind

Radiotherapy used to treat brain tumours may lead to a decline in mental function many years down the line, say Dutch researchers. A study of 65 patients, 12 years after they were treated, found those who had radiotherapy were more likely to have problems with memory and attention. Writing in The Lancet Neurology, the researchers… Read More »

An End To Us. – Operation Paul Revere

An End To Us. – Operation Paul Revere InfoWars.com Contest – YouTube. Do what you can, so this will never be. Watch more nutty stuff here http://www.infowars.com/paulrevere/ I’ve wondered if Alex Jones is funded by foreign governments, but I think probably not. In the past there was much concern and belief by US leaders that… Read More »

FBI and RCMP Bust al-Qaeda “Major Terror Plot” in Canada

One week after the Boston bombing, Canada has arrested two men it claims planned to attack a passenger train running between New York and Toronto. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said the terrorist plot involved derailing the train, but gave no further details. Canadian authorities said they believe al-Qaeda was behind the attack. Chiheb Esseghaier,… Read More »

Kites could power world 100 times over

High-flying Kites could harness enough energy to power the world 100 times over, according to a survey of high-altitude winds. Published in the journal Energies, the study reports that areas well suited to harvesting high altitude winds fall over some of the world’s major cities such as New York and Tokyo. “The wind energy aloft… Read More »

Rabbits kept alive by oxygen injections

Rabbits with blocked windpipes have been kept alive for up to 15 minutes without a single breath, after researchers injected oxygen-filled microparticles into the animals’ blood.Oxygenating the blood by bypassing the lungs in this way could save the lives of people with impaired breathing or obstructed airways, says John Kheir, a cardiologist at the Children’s… Read More »

Man in Critical Condition in Ricin Case

A man who stayed in a Las Vegas hotel room where ricin was discovered on Thursday has been hospitalized in critical condition since Feb. 14 with symptoms consistent with exposure to the deadly toxin, Las Vegas police said Friday. The man’s identity, age and hometown were being withheld on Friday as investigators tried to determine… Read More »

Bandage That Mimics Lizard’s Power to Cling

  The science that allows a gecko to cling to a ceiling has been harnessed for use in medicine. Inspired by the sticky pads on the lizard’s toes, scientists have invented a bandage that can repair internal injuries without the need for stitches or staples. After a few weeks, the bandage dissolves, leaving the wound… Read More »

Particles Retain Weight for Billions of Years

Unlike most of us, subatomic particles don’t gain weight as they get older. The mass of these tiny bits of matter has remained constant over the last 6 billion years, recent astronomical observations indicate. Believe it or not, but whether an electron was lighter or heftier in the past is a question of fundamental importance.… Read More »

Bottle message found after 5 years

A British man who discovered a message in a bottle on a beach said he tracked down the U.S. teenager who dropped it from a cruise ship five years ago. Tony Hoskings, a retired electrician, said he found the bottle in July while walking his dog in Goonhavern and discovered a message inside from cruise… Read More »