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Coral Study in Mexico Suggests Rapid Sea Rise From Warming

Photo credit:€  Paul Blanchon Coral fossils in canal walls at a Mexican resort show evidence of a rapid increase in sea level 121,000 years ago.Evidence from fossil coral reefs in Mexico underlines the potential for a sudden jump in sea levels because of global warming, scientists report in a new study. The study, being published… Read More »

Sea urchins use their entire body as an eye

Purple sea urchins look like beautiful pincushions. They have no obvious eyes among their purple spines, but they can still respond to light. If you shine a spotlight on one, it will sidle off to somewhere darker. Clearly, the purple sea urchin can see, and over the past few years, scientists have worked out how:… Read More »

Video: Giant squid filmed in its natural environment : Nature News & Comment

Ocean explorers have finally achieved one of their most alluring but elusive goals: video footage of the legendary giant squid (Architeuthis dux)in its natural deep-sea habitat. Scientists say that the spectacular film, captured during an expedition off Japan's Ogasawara archipelago, answers enduring questions about the enigmatic invertebrate. The 6-week mission was funded by the Japan… Read More »

Soaring Prices Keep Leukemia Drugs From Patients, Experts Say

Pricey cancer medications prevent many Americans with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) from receiving lifesaving treatment, an international team of experts claims. These drugs can cost more than $100,000 a year for patients with CML, once considered a death sentence but now highly treatable with ongoing treatment, according to a commentary penned by 120 specialists in… Read More »

2 Dogs Killed When Hundreds Of Bees Attack

A swarm of bees that terrorized a Florida neighborhood has killed three dogs and injured a 70-year-old woman. Authorities in Palm Beach County say crews removed 50 pounds of honeycomb from the side of a Riviera Beach home after Friday’s attack. The hive has been contained…. – lvn “The critter control is hauling away the… Read More »

Russian Man Arrested For Stealing Entire Road

A man has been arrested after apparently stealing a complete stretch of road in a remote area of Russia. The man stole 82 reinforced concrete slabs that formed the route from the village of Parcheg in the republic of Komi to the Vychegda River, the RIA Novosti news agency reported. It is thought he used… Read More »

The great UFO hoax

Back in 1967 a group of students strategically placed UFOs across the country. Two ‘landed’ in Kent.€  … 1967 was a huge year for UFO sightings in the UK and a group of engineer apprentices at the Royal Aircraft Establishment in Farnborough decided to make the headlines. Through meticulous planning they created a fleet of… Read More »

Bacteria gobbled methane from BP spill: scientists

Bacteria ate nearly all the potentially climate-warming methane that spewed from BP’s broken wellhead in the Gulf of Mexico last year, scientists reported on Thursday. Nearly 200,000 tons of methane — more than any other single hydrocarbon emitted in the accident — were released from the wellhead, and nearly all of it went into the… Read More »

Chinese vase fetches record $69 million in UK auction

Andy Bloxham – Mystery surrounds the identities of the mother and son who sold a rare Chinese vase they found in their parents’ loft for £53million. The pair are understood to have gone into hiding while they decide what to do with the vast sum and the rest of their lives. Their identities were not… Read More »

Anglo-Saxon treasures uncovered

A newly-found hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold has been officially acknowledged as treasure by the authorities – meaning the amateur metal detector enthusiast who found it is likely to become a rich man. The hoard was found in a field in Staffordshire by 55-year-old Terry Herbert (pictured) in July. Archaeologists went on to uncover at least… Read More »

Man banned from touching muscles

Home town of the Beatles. Banned from feeling muscles? Could he go to jail for shaking hands, then? A man has been ordered by a judge not to feel people’s muscles or ask them to do exercises in public. Akinwale Arobieke, 45, from Liverpool, was also banned from measuring the size of muscles, under the… Read More »

Say no to water between meals

… Research shows that sipping a little water during meals isn’t a cause for concern but drinking a glass or two may interfere with digestion. It is best to drink fluids before and two hours after meals as this helps in absorption of nutrients, researchers have found. Elaborating on what exactly happens inside you when… Read More »

Google Wave Waving Good Bye

We have always pursued innovative projects because we want to drive breakthroughs in computer science that dramatically improve our users' lives. Last year at Google I/O, when we launched our developer preview of Google Wave, a web app for real time communication and collaboration, it set a high bar for what was possible in a… Read More »

The mysterious honeybee apocalypse: Up to 12 million bees found dead and dying in Florida and no one knows why

Honeybee carcasses coated the ground around hundreds of Florida beehives after a mysterious massacre claimed millions of bees and mutilated a way of life for local bee keepers. Experts have ruled out ‘colony collapse disorder’ and the bee keepers suspect that their bees were poisoned with pesticide. Florida agriculture officials and the local sheriff’s office… Read More »

Fired CIA officer says she's not story source

The CIA officer fired for unauthorized contacts with the media denies being a source for the Washington Post’s Pulitzer Prize-winning story on secret CIA detention centers.”She did not leak any classified information, and she did not have access to the information apparently attributed to her by some government officials,” Washington lawyer Ty Cobb, who is… Read More »

Brain-eating amoebas blamed in three deaths

It’s eerie but it’s true: Three people have died this summer after suffering rare infections from a waterborne amoeba that destroys the brain. … The amoeba, called Naegleria fowleri, is the only type that infects humans and is more than 95% lethal. The first death in 2011 occurred in June in Louisiana, according to the… Read More »