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Weapons of Mass Deception: Fake TV News Widespread and Undisclosed

“It’s shocking to see how product placement moves secretly unfiltered from the boardroom to the newsroom and then straight into our living rooms,” said Diane Farsetta, a senior researcher at CMD and co-author of the report. “Local TV broadcasts — the most popular news source in the United States — frequently air VNRs without fact-checking,… Read More »

Sharks tracked by surfing robot and free app

A surfing robot is being used to track great white sharks off the coast of California, US, by marine scientists. The mobile transmitter is the latest addition to an extensive programme of electronic tagging. Researchers aim to fine-tune 12 years of results with the self-propelled craft and raise public awareness of the area’s diverse wildlife.… Read More »

New Alien Planet ‘Habitable Zone’ Rules

…€  scientists have redefined the boundaries of the habitable zone for alien planets, potentially kicking out some exoplanaets that were thought to fall within it, and maybe allowing a few that had been excluded to squeeze in. “This will have a significant impact on the number of exoplanets that are within habitable zone,” said research… Read More »

German surgeons operate on woman’s bowels instead of leg

When it comes to a surgical mistake, this incident may take the cake: A 78-year-old German woman went into the hospital last month to have surgery on her leg. Because of a mixup, Frankenpost reports that she left the Hochfranken-Klinik in M√ºnchberg, Germany, with an artificial anus.The paper says some members of the surgical team… Read More »

Video: School Bus 52: A Farm On Wheels

… The brightly painted bus uses a system of pumps and filters to turn the used kitchen oil into biodiesel as fuel. The inside no longer has any of the iconic school bus seats but rather is equipped with workbenches filled by plant pots, a compost bin, and even a cage big enough for chickens.… Read More »

Ukraine flu death toll rises, foreign medical aid arrives

The death toll from flu outbreak in Ukraine continued to climb on Monday, as medical assistance from other countries began arriving in the former Soviet republic. Health Ministry figures placed the number of dead at 67. Swine flu was responsible for some but possibly not all of the deaths, according to Health Ministry officials. More… Read More »

The Last Shuttle

The Last Shuttle. The End of an Era. The nation that put men on the Moon can no longer fly people into space. Barack Obama is the first President since Harry Truman to preside over a nation without an active manned space program. I cannot think of any clearer sign of the decline of America… Read More »

Here’s how the NSA analyzes all that call data

The National Security Agency might not have the names of Verizon’s wireless customers, but the agency probably can figure out what they’re up to if it’s so inclined. The metadata Verizon has provided the NSA – phone numbers, numbers called, duration of calls, location – is a veritable treasure trove to an organization with the… Read More »

Israeli scientists discover “center of consciousness” in brain

Israeli researchers have located an area in laboratory rats’ brains that controls their consciousness, a finding that might herald new treatments for various states of loss of consciousness. Loss of response to painful stimuli and loss of consciousness are the most striking characteristics of surgical an aesthesia and an aesthesia-like states, such as concussion, reversible… Read More »

Iran launches war games to protect nuclear sites

Iran’s armed forces launched large-scale air defense war games on Sunday to show off the country’s deterrence capabilities in the face of pressure from the West over its nuclear program.The display of military muscle comes at a time of rising tension between Iran and six major powers, which fear Tehran’s nuclear program is aimed at… Read More »

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Insect eyes inspire improved solar cells

The eyes of moths, which allow them to see well at night, are also covered with a water-repellent, antireflective coating that makes their eyes among the least reflective surfaces in nature and helps them hide from predators in the dark. Mimicking the moth eye’s microstructure, a team of researchers in Japan has created a new… Read More »

Male Pill: Effects Reversible

Is this stuff getting into the water in the USA? Counts are down to 50% of what they once were. Could be something else, but it makes you wonder. “The trials have shown that it is possible to reduce the male sperm count to “infertile” levels by using hormone treatments, either in the form of… Read More »

New World’s Fastest Electric Motorcycle

A new player in the rapidly developing electric motorcycle industry has emerged. Lightning Motors, running a pre-production prototype, achieved a top speed of 267.776 kph (166.388 mph) during the SCTA World Finals at the Bonneville Salt Flats. This places the Lightning Motorcycle as the fastest production electric motorcycle in the world ahead of electric motorcycle… Read More »

Bitcoin: the hacker currency that’s taking over the web

< !DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-html40/loose.dtd"> Global, private and untraceable, it’s the monetary system of choice for libertarians, geeks, businesspeople and, apparently, drug kingpins Earlier this week, two senators sent a letter to the US Attorney General, copied to the Drugs Enforcement Agency, alerting them to the existence of an underground website… Read More »

Mexico pilots release UFO film

Footage released by the Mexican air force is further proof of the existence of UFOs, an investigator has said. The video, filmed by pilots using an infrared camera, shows 11 bright objects moving rapidly in the sky. “We are not alone! This is so weird,” one of the pilots can be heard saying after the… Read More »