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Sexy People Sound Better

People with voices deemed sexy and attractive tend to have greater body symmetry upon close inspection, suggesting that what we hear in a person can greatly affect what we see in them. “The sound of a person’s voice reveals a considerable amount of biological information,” said Susan Hughes, an evolutionary psychologist from Albright College in… Read More »

Deja vu 'recreated in laboratory'

Scientists believe they have found a way to probe the mysterious phenomenon of feeling you have witnessed something before – deja vu. Leeds Memory Group researchers say they have gone some way to recreating the sensation in the lab using hypnosis. … Some people with temporal lobe epilepsy report frequent deja vu. And previous work… Read More »

Monkey which killed baby shot dead

A monkey which snatched a four-day old baby girl from a house in Happy Garden Rasah, Seremban on Wednesday and killed the infant by dropping her from the roof, was shot dead by officers of the Wildlife Department (Perhilitan). The yet unamed baby was bitten on the head, ears, neck and face by the macaque… Read More »

Google demonstrates quantum computer image search

Google’s web services may be considered cutting edge, but they run in warehouses filled with conventional computers. Now the search giant has revealed it is investigating the use of quantum computers to run its next generation of faster applications. Writing on Google’s research blog this week, Hartmut Neven, head of its image recognition team, reveals… Read More »

Found: the brain's centre of wisdom

SCIENTISTS have identified the seat of human wisdom by pinpointing parts of the brain that guide us when we face difficult moral dilemmas. Sophisticated brain scanning techniques have found that humans respond by activating areas associated with the primitive emotions of sex, fear and anger as well as our capability for abstract thought. The findings,… Read More »

Dissecting UN UFO rumours

For the past couple of weeks the Internet UFO community has been abuzz with rumours of a secret meeting held at the UN building in New York City in mid-February. The meeting, alleged to have been attended by representatives from most UN member nations, as well as ‘three US senators’, was called to discuss the… Read More »

New way to be a child star: be a star child.

“According to the event’s Web site http://www.thebayareaufoexpo.com the Andrews family has experienced paranormal events, government interference and alien abductions for about 12 years, even though the family appears to be normal. The site adds that today, the Andrewses have become accustomed to the unusual occurrences If I didn’t already have plans, I might go see… Read More »

Pressurized water system in Maya city may be first in New World

Archaeologists have discovered the oldest pressurized water system in the New World, an aqueduct-tunnel system in the southern Mexico site of Palenque that probably powered a fountain or a waste water system.Such pressurized water systems appeared in the Old World at least as long ago as 1400 BC: The remains of such a system have… Read More »

Cloud suicide will wake black hole sleeping giant

The sleeping giant at the centre of the Milky Way is about to wake up. A suicidal gas cloud is heading towards the galaxy’s supermassive black hole, which will probably swallow the cloud, generating enormous flares of radiation that could help explain why the black hole is normally so placid. The doomed cloud was a… Read More »

Earth raises a plasma shield to battle solar storms

Earth can raise shields to protect itself against solar storms. For the first time, satellites and ground-based detectors have watched as the planet sends out a tendril of plasma to fight off blasts of charged solar matter. The discovery confirms a long-standing theory about Earth’s magnetic surroundings and offers us a way to keep track… Read More »